coming soon new 8 ball pool facility in partnership with Munster cue Sports.

I am very pleased to announce in I will be working with Munster cue sports to give first class training in a private facility in the coming weeks.

This will be tailored to 8 ball pool sessions.Players can enjoy 1-2-1 or small group sessions where we can use the WPBSA blue print to enhance the clients technical ability along with information to further develop the general knowledge of the client to be able to play at their maximum level.

The facility will give me the platform to be able to offer clients top class training at an affordable price no matter the age or gender.

This will include video streams of the session, modern training tools including: Chris Henry “the balls” , Nick Barrow’s cue action trainer and ultimate training ball. Digi Cue Blue cue action analyser to name but a few to be able to show the players progression instantly. Tailored lesson plans and personalised exercises will also be issued using the plan do review check sheets to give the client input a a degree of control and engagement within their development along their journey.

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